SMS invoice

With SportLogic you can SMS an invoice to a customer. To use this function you need to have an SMS account set up with SportLogic. Contact if you want to set up an SMS account.
When a customer receives the SMS they will be able to click to view the invoice details online and if you have online payment integration they will be able to pay online by credit card as well. Let us know if you would like to sign up for online payment integration.
Notification by SMS and allowing customers to easily pay online by credit card has become really popular among inTennis coaches and centre operators.
To SMS an invoice, click on Invoices on the left side of the screen, select the invoices and click on SMS invoices to open the message editor.


We already have a default message that inserts the online payment link and the business name but you can also customise your messages using the merged fields shown below.






Supported merged fields. 

${invoice_to_first_name}: First Name of the Invoice To customer
${invoice_number}: Invoice number
${invoice_due_date}: Due date
${due_amount}: Due amount
${business_name}: Business name
${invoice_online_link}: Online Invoice Link


You can also open an invoice and click on SMS as shown below.