Online Class Registration Confirmation Email

inTennis lets you set up the online registration confirmation email for your classes/squads.  When a student enrols and pays online, a confirmation email will be automatically sent out with their registration details.

  1. To control the subject and message to be sent out, you can define them in each individual class.
  2. Open your class
  3. Open the “Class Properties” dialog
  4. From this dialog, click on the Online registration Tab
  5. In the email section you will see 4 options
    1. default – inTennis will use the default message to send the email.
    2. No email – no confirmation email will be sent
    3. Custom email – you can define your own email content to be sent out
    4.  Template – you can choose a pre-defined template . Click here to know more about creating a pre-defined template. This is the easiest way to setup the confirmation email.

Set up Custom email:

  1. Choose Custom email or template and you may enter the desired email subject and body.
  2. If there was no previous custom message, inTennis would automatically insert an sample for you to modify from.
  3. inTennis supports “merge field” (or Merge tags) that allows you dynamically add specific content to your email.
${student_name} Full Name of the student who registers online
${student_first_name} First name of student
${parents_or_student_name} Parent’s name, if empty, then the student’s name
${class_name} Class name
${provider_name} Provider’s business name
${provider_email} Provider’s email address
${provider_web} Business Web URL (e.g.
${provider_phone1} Business’s phone
${provider_phone2} Business’s phone
${provider_fax} Business’s fax number
${lesson_day} Day of the week when the class is held
${lesson_time} Class time
${start_date} Class start date (the first session)
${start_time} Class lesson time
${next_date}  The date of the next class
${next_time} Time of the next class
${school_term} School term of the class
${location_names} Location – where to go (e.g. Court 1, Room 2)
${venue_names} Venue names (e.g. Kensington Campus). This is useful if you manage multi-venues in your business).
${ezidebit_payment_id} Unique ID of payment (can be used as an receipt id)
${payment_receipt_ezidebit_payment_id}  Payment receipt. When this tag is used, the tag is replaced by text “Your receipt number is #<number>“.
${custom_field_days}  Specific sessions enrolled (for “Pay by Sessions” classes eg Holiday camps)
${payment_frequency_text}  Payment frequency e.g. monthly, quarterly. Applicable to direct debt only.
${payment_amount_and_method_text} Payment amount and payment method (e.g. $50 paid via Credit Card)
Coming soon – ${PAYMENT_DATE} Payment Date
Coming soon – ${RECEIPT} Receipt Number


an example email body:


Dear ${parents_or_student_name},

Your class registration is confirmed.

Student: ${student_name}
Class: ${class_name}
Starting: ${start_date}
Time: ${start_time}

Should you have any question regarding the registration, please contact ${provider_name} on ${provider_phone1} or email ${provider_email}.

Kind Regards,