Membership Online Renewal

You can send an email to all your members to renew their memberships online. The email will contain a link which will take them to a page where they can pay for renewal using their credit cards. A renewal email is usually sent a month before the existing one expires.

To send this email – Open membership Explorer, double-click on the member group and then under Bulk Action select Email online Renewal Link.

This will open the email editor which already has a default message with the membership renewal link. After your members pay by clicking on the renewal link from their emails, a confirmation email, which is a template saved in the template section of the software is sent out to them.

  • To create/edit the template, from the top menu bar click File > Config > Templates, either create a new template or edit the existing one.
  • To assign a template as the confirmation email, click on the membership type and then on Edit Membership Type as shown below.






This will open the Edit Membership Type window. Select the template for Renewal Email Template from the drop-down box.











Note: For sending out bulk email, you may need to used merged fields in your email. Click here to view the supported merged fields for emails from the membership section of the software.