Database Backup and Restore

This article is relevant to standalone licenses only. Hosted database are automatically backup daily on the server.

How to Backup Database?

To perform database backup, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Select the menu “Tools -> Database Backup”.
  2. Save the file in the destination location of your choice (e.g. to your USB drive or local hard drive).

Alternatively you can backup the database remotely to SportLogic’s server:

  1. Make sure your computer has Internet access.
  2. Select the menu “Tools -> Remote Database Backup”.
  3. Enter a password for security reason. Please remember this password as you’ll need it in order to do a restore.

How to Restore Database?

  1. Make sure inTennis is NOT running in the computer you want the database to be restored.
  2. Run the inTennis’ Restore program.
    • For Windows: this can be found in the Windows Start menu:
      Start -> All Programs -> inTennis -> restore
    • For Mac: download the Restore program here.
  3. If you have a backup database file (e.g. from the USB drive), go to the From local backup tab.
    Press the Browse button and select the backup file.
    Now press Restore. and that’s it!
  4. You can also restore from the remotely stored database in SportLogic’s server.
    1. Make sure your computer has internet access.
    2. From the restore window, select From remote backup tab,
    3. Select Fetch files button. This will list all the database backup you have stored in SportLogic’s server.
    4. Select the one that you want to use and press Restore
    5. Now, enter the password which you have chosen during the backup and press ‘OK’. That’s all!